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if you want to extend the shelf life of your boilie, for example when you go abroad or has no large freezer, there are several options, one option is to preserve your baits.

We offer several options in this area: Our ready-made preservatives, mono propylene glycol and potassium .

MPG is color and tasteless
product which is used as a solvent for colors, flavors and / or as a preservative agent. Is often processed into alcohol, nuts, frozen dairy products, liquid oil, margarine, biscuits and cakes.

To preserve optimal we recommend adding 0.3% potassium sorbate also next to MPG, this is particularly active against fungal and less against bacteria.
Both of these products can be excellently processed with water.

With a combination of both, you are sure that your boilies for a long time go

Dosage: 10% based on dry mix

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