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Corn flour is obtained by milling corn. Cornmeal is a common base ingredient in boiliemix. It contains the necessary carbohydrates and its curing is good.

There are several types of corn flour for sale where the coarseness of the flour can vary considerably. The finer the flour, the better it runs, but also how the “softer” the bait is. For maize flour, there is no question of softness.
Only the sweet and savory baby corn flour is relatively soft. Maize flour is finer variant drawback is that it hardens less.

Both corn flour and corn flour are perishable.
Because of our large circulation rate is always at our fresh ingredients.

Max% process:. 25-35%
Protein content: 14%
Carbohydrate content: 78%
Fat content: 5%
Curing: Good
Workability: very good

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